Our graduates work in construction, operation & maintenance, Saudi projects and all industry sectors.

Our Programs


As an accredited higher institute we offer custom two-year Higher National Diploma in Construction Technology, Inspection Technology and Welding Technology.


Certificate programs are designed based on our experience with saudi industry to build and enhance much needed professional skills to succeed in today's most in-demand fields.

NDT Courses

A vast range of NDT courses are available at our institute; with more than 32 years of experience in delivering NDT Level I and Level II training and certification.

Construction Courses

Our competency-based construction training programs prepare students for employment in the construction industry. Students can select from a wide range of construction skills and levels.

Welding Courses

Our specialized welding school offers courses in electric arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, pipe welding, weld inspection and metal cutting.

Materials Engineering Courses

Corrosion, Metallurgy, Heat treatment and failure analysis are some examples of our Materials Engineering courses required for understanding properties and behavior of engineering materials.

Inspector Certification Courses

We provide technical training prerequisite to API inspector certification, our preparatory courses help certification exam candidates better prepare for exam day.

General Courses

The aim of the general training course is to provide the participants the necessary tools required to facilitate comprehension of skills training science foundation and related terminology. We offer a wide range of basic courses in math, Science, IT, English language, safety …

On-the-Job Training

Some skills training can be delivered on the job as part of enhancing the learning and development process of employees. This method of training delivery helps employees gains hands-on training on the job while experiencing work being executed on the job site.

On-Site Training

On-Site training offers convenient, cost efficient and flexible training on their job-site with the same quality of training as delivered within our training institute. Special arrangements can be made to deliver training at clients' site.

To Employers

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Mishari Abdulaziz Almughrabi

HND Inspection Technology

I can recall many good values I learned in NDT Technology Institute. The constant care and guidance I received including reporting to class on time, delivering my school work on time, the follow up and interest in us even after graduation shows in how I deliver my work at my job and the respect I receive from the Institute even today are all very important factors to becoming productive individual. English classes and core subjects in English language helped me a great deal. I am now working in Quality in a good industrial company.


Mohammed Khalid Almunaiser

HND Inspection Technology

During my studies at NDT Technology Institute, I learned the importance of punctuality and responsibility. I also learned useful skills in my HND which was taught and tested in English including English TVTC comprehensive examination. I went to finish my university education in England to graduate with BSc Engineering degree in 2017. I am now working in the private sector.

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