Excellence in Further Education

NDT Technology Institute (NTI) is a TVTC accredited Higher Institute that was established as a private investment to directly support the development of work-based skills for Saudi labor market. The facility is purpose-built and provides a modern learning environment. The goal of the Institute is to provide local support for employers in all sectors of industry, enabling their personnel in developing individuals’ skills and abilities to their full potential. The long-term benefits of which are rewarding both professionally and financially.


The Institute is a leader in its field of training with extensive experience in providing technical training and certification programs in NDT, Welding, Industrial and Commercial Construction, Metallurgy and Safety in addition to foundation courses in IT, English, Math and Physics. The Center, NDTTC, was established in 1990 in Al-Khobar. Since this time, industry workforce both Saudi and expatriate have received training and are now qualified and certified professionals working in various industries within the Kingdom. The Institute has program approvals from TVTC, Edexcel, City & Guilds and other international accreditation bodies to offer unique courses directly related to industry. With the interest of all in mind, the Institute is offering evening and day classes to enable industry and contractor personnel to access courses with scheduling flexibility. This provides more opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue their goals through continuing education and achieve a standard of education equivalent to Higher National Diploma level which provides students with advanced standing in a four-year degree program at various institutions.

The Start

Before 1990, there was not any local training provider in this field of engineering inspection technology. Foreign NDT contractors were employed to perform inspection work in industrial facilitates throughout Saudi Arabia. However, it became very obvious that while these contractors did the hi-tech inspection work, there weren’t enough trained Saudi nationals or expatriate workers within all industries to verify that the work was delivered in accordance to standard. This presented an opportunity which became a duty to setup a local training center to train the local workforce within various industries. Equipped with formal education, practical experience and understanding of the need, we invested in the design, construction and operation of a training center to make locally available bespoke HND and Certificate specialized training and certification services to the national and expatriate workforce in the oil, petrochemical, electrical power generation, water, aircraft, manufacturing industries and contractors throughout Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf region; indeed we played a vital role in the transfer of this technology.

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